Aye Zindagi Movie Review: Spoils an Extraordinary Story

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As you know the Movie name Aye Zindagi is out now and we will review this movie with every single points so without wasting Any time lets get started.

Looming death is a very terrible thing; And can the burden of gratitude become too much like to bear, especially if the donor is like someone you know?

Aye Zindagi movie Plot

The Plot of the movie is like A 28-year-old liver cirrhosis patient which bonds with a hospital grief counselor and who rekindles his hope and faith in the life, and making him believe in the power of the humanity.

Aye Zindagi Movie review

The real-life story that is ‘Aye Zindagi’ is based on like is the kind which leads one of to repeat the saying that truth can be sometimes be stranger than fiction.

A young man like who has only a few months to live and manages to get a liver transplant, and he goes on to flourish. The film Aye Zindagi doesn’t hide the identity of the donor and from us, but by the time the recipient stumbles like upon it, it becomes a matter of the great strain. Looming death is a terrible thing; that can the burden of the gratitude become too much to like to bear, especially if the donor is someone who which you know?

‘Aye Zindagi’ movie asks these inter-connected questions, like whose profound weight has to be borne by the 26-year-old Vinay (Dubey), and who is counting down his left days after a diagnosis of the cirrhosis of the liver. The counselling by the Revathi Rajan (Revathi), attached to the  a Hyderabad hospital that he is admitted in to, and he is a mixed blessing,

and leaving him hopeful and despairing at the both same time. and Back at his workplace, now his colleagues are is being ultra-supportive, and as are his superiors (Verma). And now then comes to the news of a donor, and the greatest for him, and the worst for the someone else.

aye zindagi movie review
aye zindagi movie review

The connection between a therapist who is counsels the loved ones of the brain-dead patients, and the ones who can be like potential donors and like save many lives, is very tricky. And is Battling shock and grief is bad enough. For like a stranger, however an empathetic they may be appear to be, like to ask for the the organs who can result in the anger and point-blank like refusal. We see this playing out in the film.

But for an like origin story which is so much extraordinary, and the treatment of ‘Aye Zindagi’ movie is bafflingly ordinary. So The actors do their job, and Godbole as the like nurse who hand-holds her ‘impatient patient’ and also wills him to be better, and does leave a mark. The rest, including the wonderful Revathi, is like make you wish they were in a better film.

Aye Zindagi Movie Information

Aye Zindagi movie cast: Revathi, Satyajeet Dubey, Mrinmayee Godbole, Srikant Verma
Aye Zindagi movie director: Anirban Bose
Aye Zindagi movie rating: 2 stars

Aye Zindagi Movie Trailer

official trailer

This Movie is Basically ‘Aye Zindagi’, like a Hindi feature film that has been released all across India and North America well recently, tells the story of the 26-year-old Vinay Chawla, who is a software engineer and who is diagnosed with the liver cirrhosis which causes the need for an organ transplant. and A frustrated Vinay during the his course of his treatment and forms an unlikely friendship with the Revathi, a hospital counsellor. and Their budding camaraderie gives him the new found hope and faith in the life and inspires him to be believe in the strength of the humanity.

Is Aye Zindagi Movie is good or bad?

The Concept of the Movie Aye Zindagi is very good but the delivery of the content or you can say and extra ordinary is just spoiled.

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