Is Cricket is a Game or Sport? The Answer may surprise you

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Many People search have this question in the mind and they even search on the internet that is cricket is a game or sport and many people are also so much confused and curious about this to know the answer of this question.

We will discuss in this article about the is cricket is a game or sport and i am damn sure that you will be happy and you will get the answer of your question.

So lets get start the article and we will also over many other points so make sure to read till the end.

Difference between game and sport

Games and sports are very similar to each other: a game is a physical or mental activity that is or contest that has rules and also that people do for the pleasure. A sport is a contest or the game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of the rules and compete against each other.

The difference is subtle. A game is the any mental or physical activity with rules that is done for the fun, such as physical activities like the baseball and soccer, or board games such as chess and Monopoly, or like card games, or electronic games (like apps), or like video games.

Sports are specific for the physical activities and one can compete in such as the baseball, soccer, football, field hockey, running, cycling, rock climbing, swimming, diving, and race car driving, kayaking, or like weight lifting. There are so many more games and like sports than what is listed here. Below are the some examples of the ‘game’ and ‘sport’ in the sentences.

What are games?

A game is an activity like generally involving the skill, knowledge, and or luck, in which the you follow a set of the rules and try to win the against an opponent. We usually like play games for the fun or entertainment, but they can also be serve as an educational function. All in all, a set of the rules, a goal, and competition are the like three basic components of the games. Generally, games involve the both mental and like physical stimulation.

is cricket is game or sport
Chess is a game not sport.

Some games can be like played alone; for example, solitaire and like other video games. Some are the played between two individuals or like two teams. Games can be have a variety of the forms. Board games like the chess, Monopoly, and Ludo, card games are like poker and the bridge, guessing games, lawn games, video games etc. are the some examples. Various games may require various skills and also good talents. They also help to develop practical skills.

Note that game can also be referred to a specific instance of the sporting event; for example, like the game between Manchester United and Liverpool.

What are Sports?

Sports are the athletic activities that like involve some of the degree of the competition. It can be like formally defined as the “usually competitive physical the activity which, through the casual or like organized participation, aim to be use, like maintain or like improve the physical ability and like skills while providing the entertainment to participants,

and like in some cases, spectators.” Sports also be have a set of the rules, which ensures the fair like competition. Various the physical activities, including the cricket, baseball, soccer, running, and cycling, rock climbing, and swimming, diving, football, field hockey, race car driving, and kayaking, and weight lifting, fall under the like category of the sports. As you can see from these examples, sports can like include teams as the well as individual like competitors. Moreover, sports are like usually outdoor activities.

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Sports make the people fit and keep them healthy. It also be teaches people the teamwork, and how to accept the defeat. Therefore, it like provides all-round the development, physically, mentally and the emotionally. This is the why children are like usually encouraged to the engage in sports from a young age.

Sports is also like a source of the entertainment for the spectators. Some sports like the football draws large crowds to the stadiums and like reach a wider audience through the broadcasting.

Is Cricket is a game or sport?

Cricket is a sport not a game because Cricket is play against the two teams and with many players which used the mental and physical focus more and people are having their respective role which helps them to work as a team. Cricket is also played worldwide.

We can say that the if the match is between the two teams like IND vs PAK then we can call that match a game but we cannot call sport between teams.

So cricket is a Sport but game is a match between two teams.

Game vs Sports

An activity typically involving skill, knowledge or luck in which you follow fixed rules and try to win against an opponent.An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or a team competes against others.
Ex- Chess, Ludo and hide and seek etc.Ex- baseball, soccer, running etc.
Involve both mental activities and physical activitiesmainly involve physical activities
Mostly Played IndoorsMostly Played Outdoor
Usually involve chance, especially board gamesDo not involve chance
Game vs Sport

Similarities between Game and sports

  • Both games and like sports have a set of the rules, which ensure like fair competition.
  • They may like involve teams or the individual competitors.      
  • People play the games and sports for the recreation and amusement, but that they also gain various skills and like knowledge through the games and sports.

What is Cricket?

cricket is a sport

Cricket involves the two teams with the 11 players on the each side. The captain like who wins the toss decides the whether the his team bats or like bowls first. If they bat first, and their aim is to be score a lot of the runs and make sure that the other team does not reach that score.

Cricket is played in the many formats , but the most popular are the TEST CRICKET and ONE DAY cricket. In the TEST cricket game goes on for the 5 days, with each team batting twice – if the time permits.

ONE DAY is the most popular format of the cricket, with each team getting the 300 balls to score runs. And the other team tries to be outscore them within the like same number of balls.

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There are basically Three functions of the players that are 1. BATSMEN, 2. BOWLING 3. FIELDING.

  1. Batsmen – one who scores the runs of the balls bowled by the bowler.
  2. Bowler – One who bowls, and like tries to get the batsmen “out” (dismissed from the game ground).
  3. Fielder – Players (10) who assist to the bowler in the achieving his goal, and like prevent the batsmen from the scoring runs.
What is Cricket Overview


A game is an activity typically the involving skill, knowledge, or luck, in the which you follow a set of the rules and try to win the against an opponent. Sports, on the other hand, and refer to an activity involving the physical exertion and like skill in which an individual or a team like competes against the others. The main difference between the games and sports is that the games involve both the mental and physical activities while the sports involve the physical activities.

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In this article we have told you regarding the main question that is cricket is a game or sport or not and the information given in this article is are concluded by the many sources on the internet articles and videos.

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