Mili Movie Review Janhvi Kapoor’s New Survival Drama remake of Helen

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Finally the Mili movie of Janhvi Kapoor is out and where we can see the 24-year-old Mili who aspired to fly to the Canada to build a better life has a lot on the her plate including her boyfriend from a different caste and like her fast-paced world. One fine day that when things are already bad, and she gets locked inside the very cold storage of a food joint and now she has to be thrive to survive and come out alive.

Mili Movie Review

Helen written by the Alfred Kurian Joseph, Noble Babu Thomas, and the director Mathukutty Xavier was not just a survival drama but also a social commentary about the how society looks at a particular woman and they are also quick to make judgments if something uncalled for the happens to her. So when a Hindi remake done by the same director presents itself as an the official scene-to-scene remake, what is left to tell?

Adapted for the the Hindi audience by the director himself, Mili opens the as a sweet film about a girl who stays with the her father and together they are navigate the complexities of the life. She aspires to fly to the Canada, and so she can earn more and let her father to live his life. She dates a boy from a different like community and either of the like two falls in the lower levels of the set hierarchy. She is a graduated good nurse, trying to learn the English now, and works in a food joint for earning money.

mili movie review
Mili movie review

The character setup is very strong and quite worth rooting for. Of course, the essence of it remains as quite similar to the original as because it is the man that directing both. He builds a world that where everyone has their own opinion of the Mili, some love her, and some see hope in her eyes, a street Romeo eve that teases her, and a police officer judges the her character considering that

she is out with her boyfriend post-12 in the long night. So when Mili suddenly like disappears nowhere to be found, all these people quickly announce that their judgements even before looking around.

But the Hindi version of the while being a scene-to-scene remake that fails to bring in the binding glue and that puts all of the this together effortlessly. The original had a very good eerie vibe to it from the word to go. Maybe a lot was also the because of the Ana Ben’s petite appearance also made it very difficult for us to think of anything and bad happening to her.

The Hindi version is not organically shaped like towards the dooms day where she gets trapped, and rather it looks like it is racing towards it. Now, this could be also be a result of me already having seen the Helen original. Also, the best conversation around the intercaste affair is also doesn’t land as well as the original here.

That brings me to the like point, in a world where the whole audience is fast getting used to be subtitles and watching content from the across the country and globe at very large, why do we need a scene-to-scene remake of the a very released recent movie? Are we are saying Anna doesn’t have a good national appeal, or is like Xavier doubtful about his own product? At the cost of the sounding rude, and good actors need to take seriously a stand and stop the brigade that is busy marching and towards the hall of remakes.

What’s Good: 

The team does manage to create a remake that has the essence almost intact.

What’s Bad: 

For the ones who have seen the original, this is a story visually lived and moved by, so it doesn’t make a difference when bad things happen because they are completely similar.

Loo Break: If watching this story for the first time, you won’t really need one.

Watch or Not?:

Remakes with no changes at all need to be called out and that doesn’t change even if it is being headlined by a very good budding actor.

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is Mili movie of Janhvi Kapoor is Good or bad?

Not Good So much but have some that will melt your heart and as it is a remake of Helen movie then if you watch that movie then you not need to watch this.

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