Thai Massage Movie Box Office Collection Will it Cross Janhvi Kapoor’s Mili

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Finally Divyendu Sharma’s Thai Massage is released in cinemas and we will discuss in this article the box office collection of this movie.

We will discuss in detail about this movie’s box office collection and also how is this movie.

Thai Massage Box Office Collection

Thai Massage starring Gajraj Rao and Munna Bhaiyya or Divyendu Sharma, is expected to earn somewhere around the Rs 30 Lakhs at the indian box office on the day 1. The number surely looks grim for the social comedy. However, it may be have gotten a better opening at the indian box office if the film did not have to be clash with several other new movies on the day of its release. Here we have also covered the everything you should know about the Thai Massage Box Office Collection Day 1.

Thai Massage box office collection of the day 1 is just going to be a meagre around as Rs 30 Lakhs. The film is performing like under whelmingly at the indian box office due to its clash with the other marquee films which have been released on today. Unfortunately for the Thai Massage, we don’t see the movie gaining or any momentum in the upcoming days at the indian box office. Because of the its kind of taboo subject, the film does not fall into like the barrier of a family entertainer, and also which limits its potential at the box office.

Future Collection

Thai Massage box office collection on the Saturday and Sunday can even be even lower than the first-day collection of the indian rupees 30 Lakhs. The movie may not be much able to cover its budget also at the box office. Thankfully, the Thai Massage is made at a budget of the Rs 15 Crores which can be easily recovered later with the its digital and TV streaming rights. However, for the now, the film is probably going to tank at the indian box office.

Thai Massage Story

Aatmaram Dubey is a very well-respected and widower from the Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, all to set to turn 70 in the two days. As the family prepares for the his grand birthday celebration, but they unearth a secret about his like escapades in the Thailand. Was the trip only for the sensual pleasure, or is there more to what meets the eye?

thai massage movie collection
Thai massage movie collection

Thai Massage Poignant moments

Thai Massage has also some poignant moments, which is especially when the Aatmaram gives an explanation to the his son or reminisces about the his young wife and like his equation with the Russian traveller. and While you may enjoy it or intermittently, overall, the movie is underwhelming.

Some My Side Points

Even though the concept and the thought are commendable, and also director Mangesh Hadawle captures the essence of a good sleepy town, Ujjain, and its residents’ also mentality skillfully, the film lacks tautness. At more than the 122 minutes, the narrative has becomes long-drawn and also sluggish and is low on the quirk and also quotient that other movies of the this vein have. and There are a few funny sequences. Aatmaram’s neighbour catches to him watching a p*rn film as he like doesn’t know how to turn the computer off, and also his young grandson is blamed for it. and His flight journey to the Bangkok and the exchange with his like co-passenger will also elicit giggles.

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