Thank God Movie Review: Is this Ajay Devgan’s Worst Comedy movie

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As you know that Ajay Devgan’s and Siddhartha Malhotra’s new movie that is Thank God is released and in this article we will review the movie and tell is this good movie or bad movie or you have to watch this movie or not.

Thank God movie Review

Swerving wildly to save a the motorcyclist who comes in his way,in the Mumbai-based real-estate high-flier that is Ayaan Kapoor (Sidhharth Malhotra) crashes into a car accident. The screen goes blank. and When he comes to, Ayaan finds himself in front of the an important-looking personage who introduces himself as the CG aka Chitragupt (Ajay Devgan), and who will appears to be lording over an unearthly arena like dotted with rows of silent witnesses.

The black-clad Chandra Gupt is judge-jury-executioner and also chief inquisitor, all rolled in the one. And Ayaan is in the like dock: what kind of human is he? The kind who like lies and cheats and deserves to be fry in the hell till all the eternity, or spend the rest of the his life with his loving family, wife (Singh) and with young daughter?

The official remake of the Norwegian film that is ‘Sorte Kugler’, ‘Thank God’ marks the Indra Kumar’s return to the Bollywood after a big sizeable gap. Best known for the his musical rom coms with the Bollywood stars acting as the overgrown delinquents (‘Dil’), and also the raunchy ‘Masti’ and ‘Dhamaal’ franchises movie stuffed with oversexed men and also double-meaning dialogues, and his style is still same-old, and it like does nothing for a fantasy which is needed to be light on its feet.

thank god movie review
thank god movie review

The conceit born of a human that is suspended between life and the death, embracing reform and turning over the a new leaf, is a familiar like one. We have had a versions of it both in the Hollywood and Bollywood, also but I’m hard put to the remember one which is as dull and like pointless.

Ajay Devgan gets several opportunities to deliver the his trademark smirk, and while waiting for the obligatory like ‘Singham’ reference, which is shows up soon enough and because the very svelte Singh that is a cop by profession. Siddhartha Malhotra leaves the little impact. The very mobile Ms Nora Fatehi comes on to do a like shake-and-jive, but sorry, and no soap.The wonderful Seema Pahwa and the Kanwaljeet Singh are wasted. like As is our time.

This was meant to be a like cautionary tale, and laced with lessons and laughter. Where’s the fun and comedy? Even the Almighty can’t do a thing about this film.

Thank God Movie Information

Thank God movie cast: Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, Seema Pahwa, Kanwaljeet Singh, Nora Fatehi
Thank God movie director: Indra Kumar
Thank God movie rating: One star

Thank God Movie Trailer

Official Trailer

if you did not watch this movie till i will recommend don’t waste your time in this movie it’s is just a waste of time and if you wanna see the movie then you can watch but i will recommend go with you phone because when you will feel bore you can use your phone.

Thank God movie Plot

A real estate broker which is meets with an accident and when wakes up in the heaven, only to be informed by the God that he must play a the “Game of Life.” If he manages to win, then he will be sent back to the Earth, and but he will be sent to hell if he loses the game.

for knowing the answer you can watch this movie

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Is Thank God is Hit or Flop Movie?

Thank God is a Flop Movie.

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